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Portal Europeo para las pymes

Portal EU pymes¿Quiere saber qué hace la UE para impulsar a las pequeñas empresas de toda Europa y en el mercado global, así como lo que puede hacer por la suya? Este portal recoge toda la información que proporciona la UE acerca de y para las PYME, que va de consejos prácticos a cuestiones relacionadas con las políticas en esta materia, de puntos de contacto locales a enlaces para ayudarle a establecer redes de colaboración. [+]

EurostatBusiness registers - recommendations manual
Eurostat Methodology Workin Papers.
All Member States of the European Union maintain business registers for statistical purposes as a tool for the preparation and coordination of surveys, as a source of information for the statistical analysis of the business population and its demography, for the use of administrative data, and for the identification and construction of statistical units. The Regulation 177/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council (EC) sets out a common framework for the harmonisation of the national business registers for statistical purposes and Article 7 of the Regulation asks for the publication of a business register recommendation manual. The manual aims to explain the reasoning behind the provisions of the Regulation. It aims to provide the extra information required for the correct and consistent interpretation of the Regulation in all countries. This second edition of the manual is derived from the first one published in 2003 and replaces it. The manual has been updated in close cooperation with the Member States. [+]

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Erasmus para jóvenes emprendedores

Are you thinking about setting up your own business or are you already a successful entrepreneur? The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange scheme offers an excellent opportunity for new entrepreneurs to acquire relevant skills for managing a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). The new entrepreneurs will learn how to manage an SME as well as getting familiar with the business environment in another EU country by working with an experienced entrepreneur. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was launched by the European Commission in February 2009. (RAPID, IP/10/185, 24.2.2010)

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Industria manufacturera 1995-2003

Manufacturing industry 1995-2003.
Statistics in focus. Environment and energy 16/2006.

This Statistics in Focus describes and interlinks greenhouse gases emissions with economic and structural statistics in the EU15, Poland and Norway by industry. The focus of this publication concerns the manufacturing industry and its sub-sections within the National Accounting Matrix including Environmental Accounts (NAMEA). The data source is stemming from the national accounts, and questionnaires managed by Eurostat Environment statistics unit. [+]

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Empresas en la Unión Europea 2006

European Business - Facts and figures - 2006 edition - Data 1995-2005.
The new edition of European business - Facts and figures gives a comprehensive picture of the structure, development and characteristics of European business and its different activities: from energy and the extractive industries to communications, information services and media. It presents the latest available statistics from a wide selection of statistical sources describing, for each activity, production and employment, country specialisation and regional distribution, cost structures, productivity and profitability, the importance of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), external trade etc. The accompanying CD-ROM presents the paper publication in an easily accessible electronic format, including all the data, graphs and tables in Excel-format. It also contains more complete, detailed datasets on which the publication is based, a means of easily accessing the most up-to-date live data, as well as a large amount of background information. [+]

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