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Mujeres y Hombres en la Toma de Decisiones: Informe metodológico

Miércoles, 25 Octubre 2023 10:04

CoverWomen and Men in Decision Making: Methodological report
Vilna: European Institute for Gender Equality, 2023

In January 2017, EIGE took over the database on women and men in decision-making (WMID), which was previously managed by the European Commission.

The WMID database had been launched in 2003 to monitor the numbers of men and women in key decision-making positions to provide reliable statistics that can be used to draw comparisons between European countries and analyse the current situation and trends through time. 

This document sets out the methodological basis for the collection of data on decision-making, providing information on the coverage of the data (countries, organisations, and decision-making positions), definitions applied, and methods of collection for each topic.

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