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La estructura de los sistemas educativos europeos 2019-2020: diagramas esquemáticos

Jueves, 17 Octubre 2019 09:44

CoverThe Structure of the European Education Systems 2019/20: Schematic Diagrams
Luxemburgo: OPOCE, 2019. Eurydice Report

How do countries across Europe organise their education systems? What are the different models of organisation in primary and secondary education in Europe and how long does each educational level last? How diverse are the programmes offered at tertiary level?

The answers to all of these questions can be found in Eurydice's latest publication The Structure of the European Education Systems. You will discover, for example, that there are three main organisational models of primary and lower secondary education in Europe. The report includes a map visually showing these models, national schematic diagrams and a guide to reading the diagrams. The information is available for 43 European education systems, covering 38 countries participating in the EU's Erasmus+ programme. [+]

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