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Integración de estudiantes de origen inmigrante en escuelas en Europa: políticas y medidas nacionales

Viernes, 18 Enero 2019 09:45

CoverIntegrating Students from Migrant Backgrounds into Schools in Europe: National Policies and Measures
Luxemburgo: OPOCE, 2019. Eurydice Report

This new Eurydice report investigates what top-level education authorities across Europe do to promote the integration of students from a migrant background into schools. It presents a comparative mapping of a wide range of national policies and measures aimed at placing newly arrived migrant students in schools. They also include initiatives addressing the students' language, learning and psycho-social support needs (in the reference year 2017/18).

The report also offers a deeper analysis of some of the measures that can enable schools to welcome students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds and to take into account students’ social and emotional well-being in order to encourage their learning and development. The report focuses on top-level regulations and recommendations covering primary, general lower and upper secondary education as well as school-based initial vocational education and training. [+]

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