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Tomando el futuro en sus propias manos: El trabajo juvenil y el aprendizaje empresarial

Miércoles, 13 Septiembre 2017 10:13

CoverTaking the future into their own hands: Youth work and entrepreneurial learning: final report
Tine Andersen, Karsten Frøhlich Hougaard, Sigrid Nindl, Amanda Hill-Dixon
European Commission, 2017

The EU and its Member States have been promoting entrepreneurial competences among young people as a pathway to taking an active part in society. The role of youth work in fostering entrepreneurial learning has been underexposed up until today. This report and its annexes present the findings of a major study mapping, describing and analysing the contribution that youth work makes to supporting young people in achieving competences that will help them to fulfil personal aspirations and become active citizens in Europe. The study is based on an extensive collection of data about youth work and entrepreneurial learning in all EU Member States, summarised in 28 country reports, an inventory of 114 good practices and 12 case study reports. It confirms that youth work has an important contribution to make, but that improvements should be made in respect to the policy framework, as well as concerning partnerships at national, regional and local level. The report delivers concrete recommendations for policymakers, as well as for the formal education sector and for youth work organisations, on how to increase the impact of young people’s entrepreneurial learning. [+]

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