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How can European Union policies help towns and cities? How can towns and cities have a bigger say in implementing the policies? Find the answers in the European Commission's new guide for stakeholders, urban managers and anyone interested in urban issues. The guide, entitled Guide to the Urban Dimension in Community Policies, aims to help all involved to make best use of the opportunities EU policies offer. It identifies initiatives with direct and indirect implications for sustainable development of urban areas and provides a clear overview of the urban dimension of all Community policies over the current funding period, 2007-2013. The guide puts each policy in context, and specifies relevant financial resources, exchange mechanisms and information sources available. This project was prepared by the Commission inter-service group on urban development, set up in December 2005. It is an up-to-date information tool on EU urban policies. The electronic version of Guide is now available in English, French and German at the following web address: [+]

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