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La democracia egipcia y la Hermandad Musulmana

Jueves, 10 Noviembre 2011 14:45

Nathan J. Brown, Amr Elshobaki, Kristina Kausch, Álvaro de Vasconcelos. Edición Esra Bulut Aymat
Egyptian democracy and the Muslim Brotherhood
European Union Institute for Security Studies. Report #10. November 2011

The citizens of Egypt are preparing for historic elections, due to begin later this month. In a period of considerable uncertainty over the actual and potential trajectories of post-Mubarak Egypt, the EUISS has invited three experts to share their insights, analysis and recommendations on Egyptian democracy and the Muslim Brotherhood with EU policymakers. Hailing from Egypt, the EU and US, the authors hold up three different prisms through which we can better understand developments in Egypt and the policy implications for the EU and US. Madrid-based Kristina Kausch provides us with a succinct guide to the pre-electoral political landscape, electoral scenarios, ‘cold coup’ risks, and EU policy implications. She draws attention to the significant risks posed to EU interests by an electoral and constitutional charade that would undermine Egypt’s democratic prospects and invite further turmoil. Cairo-based Amr Elshobaki presents a short overview of the Muslim Brotherhood’s historical evolution, and a survey of the current constitutional, institutional and ideological challenges facing Egypt. In light of this analysis of the Brotherhood’s journey and his survey of the evolving political framework, he advocates the careful and sustained integration of the Muslim Brotherhood into a democratic polity as a difficult but essential process. Washington DC-based Nathan J. Brown discusses the policy implications of these findings for Europeans and Americans wishing to play a constructive role in Egypt's transition, underlining potentially instructive parallels in Western political experience, and inviting outside policymakers to be frank, patient and consistent. [+]

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