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La ola democrática árabe: cómo puede la Unión Europea aprovechar el momento

Lunes, 07 Marzo 2011 12:24

The Arab democratic wave: how the EU can seize the moment
Institute for Security Studies Report #9, March 2011
Amr Elshobaki, Mohammed Al-Masri, Mouin Rabbani, George Joffe, Erwan Lannon, Gema Martin Muñoz, Luis Martinez, Abdallah Saaf, Paul Salem, Sami Kamil, edited by Álvaro de Vasconcelos.

The failure of the authoritarian model in the Mediterranean calls for a radical overhaul of EU Mediterranean policy and for a new paradigm. Political reforms should be reinstated as the major priority.
This report seeks to identify:
(i) what has been the impact of the democratic revolutions in the countries of the region?;
(ii) what are the main challenges to a successful democratic transformation?; and
(iii) what priorities the EU needs to address in order to assist the pro-democracy forces, in particular in Tunisia and Egypt, and how it should adapt its Mediterranean policy to that end.
The democratic revolutions and the failure of the Union for the Mediterranean should be regarded as an opportunity to define a new common objective to be achieved as part of a multilateral initiative: building a Euro-Mediterranean community and revising the Neighbourhood Policy accordingly.

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