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Aspectos económicos de los ecosistemas y la biodiversidad para las empresas

Miércoles, 14 Julio 2010 10:35

CoverTEEB – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity. Report for Business.
Business and enterprise have a huge role to play in how we manage, safeguard and invest in our natural capital. This report is aimed squarely at this sector and will provide practical guidance on the issues and the opportunities created by the inclusion in mainstream business practices of ecosystem- and biodiversity-related considerations. This report is for a wide array of enterprises, including those with direct impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity, such as mining, oil and gas and infrastructure; for those businesses that depend on healthy ecosystems and biodiversity for production, such as agriculture and fisheries; for industry sectors that finance and undergird economic activity and growth, like banks and asset managers, as well as insurance and business services; and for businesses that are selling ecosystem services or biodiversity-related products such as eco-tourism, eco-agriculture and bio-carbon. Please click here for quotes of Support for TEEB for Business.

To download the report click on the following links:

TEEB for Business Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Business, biodiversity and ecosystem services
Chapter 2: Business impacts and dependence on biodiversity and ecosystem services
Chapter 3: Measuring and reporting biodiversity and ecosystem impacts and dependence
Chapter 4: Scaling down biodiversity and ecosystem risks to business
Chapter 5: Increasing biodiversity business opportunities
Chapter 6: Business, biodiversity and sustainable development
Chapter 7: A recipe for biodiversity and business growth.  

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