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Ciudades y crisis económica

Viernes, 09 Julio 2010 13:30

Cities and Economic Crisis: A survey on the impact of the economic crisis and the responses of URBACT II cities.
This report presents the results of a survey carried out by the URBACT programme in the 4th q uarter of 2009 on the impact of the economic crisis on European cities and their responses to it. The survey forms part of a broader package of work on cities and the crisis being undertaken by the URBACT II programme.
The survey itself has two main parts – firstly, the nature of the impact of the crisis on different kinds of cities and secondly, the nature of their response. The aim of the first part of the survey is to produce an overview of the ways in which the crisis is affecting the extremely diverse cities found in Europe today. As cities do not generally have access to comparable sources of data the purpose is not to try to quantify the impact but to try to identify a series of central or common themes among the very complex processes which are being played out at enormous speed across our urban landscape.
The second part of the survey provides an early picture of the types of response to the crisis that are being explored by European cities. Both parts of the survey will be used to help select and frame the case studies to be developed in the following phase of the study. [+]

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