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Propuesta para impulsar la cooperación intra-europea en I+D+i: “enchufe único” entre los fondos de la Unión Europea y los programas/agencias nacionales

Jueves, 22 Abril 2010 07:17

A proposal to foster intra-European cooperation in RTDI.
Spanish Non paper. CDTI, 22.4.2010.
The purpose of this document is to make a break-through proposal and to provide a set of recommendations in order to improve publicly funded RTDI programmes in Europe thereby increasing the level of intra-European coordination, following three basic principles: a) To simplify and provide more coherence to the European funding landscape to the benefit of both participants and taxpayers; b) To achieve a more trust-based and risk-tolerant approach in European funding mechanisms, ensuring at the same time a correct use of public money; c) To reduce unnecessary intervention and the (still heavy) administrative burden: rules should be as simple and common as possible, reflecting participants’ working practices, and not impose additional norms. All of this is explained following a scheme “Design – Operation – Reporting” for the European Programmes. [+]

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