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Propuesta española complementariedad para la financiación del I+D+I en la Unión Europea

Jueves, 22 Abril 2010 07:16

Proposal for a complementary approach of RTDI funding.
Spanish Non paper. CDTI, 22.4.2010.
Since 2003, the
realisation of the European Research Area (ERA) has been the general objective of the EU R&D policy and the Framework Programmes. In order to face the commonly agreed challenges of the ERA Vision for 20201, strong interactions within the knowledge triangle (research, innovation and education) have to be promoted at all levels. One of the five key challenges addressed by the ERA vision for 2020 is to enhance the impact of public funded research on European socio-economic growth by strengthening knowledge transfer between Public Research Organisations and the private sector. [+]

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