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Las Colaboraciones Público Privadas (PPP) como instrumentos de Investigación e Innovación industrial

Jueves, 22 Abril 2010 07:14

Public Private Partnership as Industrial Research and Innovation.
Spanish Non paper. CDTI, 22.4.2010.
The purpose of this document is to capture the view of the Spanish Presidency of the European  Council on the research and innovation Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), its first steps and its way forward. It is our vision, based in the priorities of the Presidency and fully supporting the spirit of the European Economic Recovery Plan, that the way ahead for PPPs should be based in the following principles: Relevance, Simplification, Transparency, Continuity, Process review and Impact assessment. PPPs should simplify the procedures through a common framework from the point of view of the participants as well as the management structures. The document goes into these principles in depth, explaining the overall context and current and possible next steps of PPPs. [+]

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