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Cultura, ciudades e identidad en Europa

Jueves, 15 Diciembre 2016 10:43

CoverCulture, cities and identity in Europe
Luxemburg, OPOCE, 2016
ISBN: 978-92-830-3199-4

The study addresses political decision makers, professionals in urban administration and planning and cultural players alike, aiming to provide both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of findings highlighting culture, cities and identity in Europe. It also addresses those involved in the wider process of bringing democratic debate and governance to communities. Following the framework proposed by the EESC, it starts with a thorough overview of the facts and figures surrounding the economic contribution of culture in its broad definition. It is then split into four topic areas, which will be examined separately, all the while highlighting unavoidable overlaps and following connections, providing an overview of studies and European good-practice examples which address: - Culture as an instrument for reconverting cities, - Culture as a tool for integration and inclusiveness, and - Culture as a pillar of European identity within Europe and beyond. [+]

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