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Decisión 2019/720 de la Comisión, de 30 de abril de 2019, sobre la propuesta de iniciativa ciudadana titulada «Poner fin a la exención fiscal a los carburantes de aviación en Europa» [registrada]  (DOUE L 122/53, 10.5.2019)

CoverThe European Union and the African Union — A statistical portrait — 2019 edition

This ‘statistical portrait’ presents, in roughly 100 pages, a broad comparison between the situation of the European Union, including EFTA members and Candidate Countries, and the African Union and its member states. The publication is jointly produced by Eurostat and the Statistics Division of the African Union Commission. [+]

CoverCurrent account asymmetries in EU-US statistics — 2019 edition

The EU and the US are the most prominent economic partners in the world. Persistent bilateral asymmetries in their current account statistics remain however a substantial issue that challenges conclusive reading of the data. This paper investigates the causes of current account asymmetries in EU-US statistics, with a particular focus on the bilateral trade in services and primary income flows as the main contributors to the observed asymmetries. It emphasises the complex and multidimensional nature of the asymmetries, and warns of simplistic explanations. Strategies to address the issue thus have to take place on different levels – from bilateral reconciliation efforts among compilers to international coordination, exchange of knowledge, data and compilation practices. [+]

CoverEurostatistics — Data for short-term economic analysis — 2019 edition — 4/2019

Eurostatistics — Data for short-term economic analysis — shows the evolution of the economic activity in the European Union, euro area and Member States. This monthly review gives a synthetic picture of the macroeconomic situation in the recent past. It is based on Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs), complemented by some business cycle indicators. [+]

CoverThe Measurement of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Activities — Oslo Manual 2018 — Guidelines

Jointly published by the OECD and Eurostat, the Oslo Manual is a key component of the series of measurement manuals produced by OECD under the title “The Measurement of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Activities”. As part of this family of manuals, it addresses the need to reflect how innovation systems operate beyond a description of the efforts made to invest in new knowledge (captured in the OECD Frascati Manual on resources dedicated to R&D), or the numbers and characteristics of patented inventions (as covered in the OECD Patent Statistics Manual). [+]

CoverHarmonised European Time Use Surveys — 2018 guidelines

After 2000 and 2008, the Harmonised European Time Use Surveys (HETUS) 2018 guidelines are the third version of this methodological manual issued by Eurostat. The HETUS 2018 guidelines recommend – as innovations compared to 2008 – to include a new diary column on information and communication technology (ICT) used during each activity. The three-level HETUS Activity Coding List (ACL) 2018 will be exactly the same as ACL 2008 for the two aggregated levels; only on detailed third level of ACL a few additional codes are proposed. Moreover, people's everyday satisfaction will be captured in future via four additional questions at the end of the diary. In order to reduce the burden of respondents, there are fewer questions in the household and in the individual model questionnaire. Finally, the form "Weekly Schedule of Working Time" will be left out. Actually, countries planning to participate in HETUS wave 3 are preparing, together with Eurostat, to complete HETUS with new tools and sources for collecting data in the years to come. Results of these initiatives will become available by the end of 2019 and these will then be "translated" into precise and generally applicable methodological guidelines. Eurostat works – with the help of a dedicated Task Force TUS on Innovative Tools and Sources – to develop additional guidelines of this kind from 2020 onwards. Such additional guidelines, e.g. on new ways and mixed modes of data collection, will be added as an annex to the HETUS 2018 guidelines as soon as they will be ready. [+]

CoverEuropean Union inter-country supply, use and input-output tables — Full international and global accounts for research in input-output analysis (FIGARO)

The FIGARO project provides experimental EU-inter country Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables (EU-IC-SUIOTs), also referred to as the FIGARO tables. These tables are the result of a co-operation project between Eurostat and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre.

In April 2018, FIGARO tables relating to the reference year 2010 were released for the first time, constituting one of the main outcomes of the project. A second important achievement is the current document, a statistical working paper describing in detail the whole compilation process of producing FIGARO tables, in terms of data inputs and methodology.

The FIGARO tables are a tool for analysing the socio-economic and environmental effects of globalisation in the European Union (EU). Two important applications are given in this book. The first relates to EU air emissions embodied in EU exports to the rest of the world and the second quantifies the number of EU jobs embodied in extra-EU exports.

The last chapters elaborate on the future plans of the FIGARO project, FIGARO Act I which are twofold: Firstly to produce regular FIGARO tables every year, as well as time series from 2010 to 2018 by the end of 2020 and second to contribute to the global inter-country input-output tables in collaboration with international organisations such as the OECD and the UN. [+]

Sentencia del Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea. Asunto C-486/18 (RE/Praxair MRC SAS) de 8 de mayo de 2019
Procedimiento prejudicial — Política social — Directiva 96/34/CE — Acuerdo Marco sobre el permiso parental — Cláusula 2, apartado 6 — Trabajador con contrato de duración indefinida y a tiempo completo en situación de permiso parental a tiempo parcial — Despido — Indemnización por despido y subsidio por permiso de recolocación — Métodos de cálculo — Artículo 157 TFUE — Igualdad retributiva entre trabajadoras y trabajadores — Permiso parental a tiempo parcial del que hacen uso sustancialmente las trabajadoras — Discriminación indirecta — Factores objetivamente justificados y ajenos a cualquier discriminación por razón de sexo — Inexistencia
En el asunto C‑486/18, que tiene por objeto una petición de decisión prejudicial planteada, con arreglo al artículo 267 TFUE, por la Cour de cassation (Tribunal de Casación, Francia), mediante resolución de 11 de julio de 2018, recibida en el Tribunal de Justicia el 23 de julio de 2018, en el procedimiento entre RE y Praxair MRC SAS  (, 8.5.2019)

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