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Informe sobre la Directiva 2011/98/UE, por la que se establece un procedimiento único de solicitud de un permiso único que autoriza a los nacionales de terceros países a residir y trabajar en el territorio de un Estado miembro y por la que se establece un conjunto común de derechos para los trabajadores de terceros países que residen legalmente en un Estado miembro (COM(2019) 161 final, 29.3.2019)

CoverEurostatistics — Data for short-term economic analysis — 2019 edition - 3/2019

Eurostatistics — Data for short-term economic analysis — shows the evolution of the economic activity in the European Union, euro area and Member States. This monthly review gives a synthetic picture of the macroeconomic situation in the recent past. It is based on Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs), complemented by some business cycle indicators. [+]

CoverEU legislation on the 2021 population and housing censuses — explanatory notes

Censuses provide a precise and geographically detailed account of population characteristics. This makes them a rich source for analysis, providing key inputs for policy, administration and research. At the EU level, national results are of greater value if they can be compared between Member States, so the EU has been taking continuous steps to harmonise outputs.

The 2021 round also comes at a time of fundamental transition: administrative data sources have become the backbone of the next census in most Member States. This brings efficiency gains, leading to more powerful census systems and addressing fast-evolving user expectations, where the regional detail is increasingly important. A dedicated law to publish key census topics on an EU-wide 1 km² grid is a major innovation here. It will allow for much more flexible analysis, even at cross-border level, tailored to research or policy needs. This publication explains the EU legislation for the 2021 census round, with a focus on the new grid data. [+]

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CoverEuropean Union inter-country supply, use and input-output tables — Full international and global accounts for research in input-output analysis (FIGARO)

The FIGARO project provides experimental EU-inter country Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables (EU-IC-SUIOTs), also referred to as the FIGARO tables. These tables are the result of a co-operation project between Eurostat and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre.

In April 2018, FIGARO tables relating to the reference year 2010 were released for the first time, constituting one of the main outcomes of the project. A second important achievement is the current document, a statistical working paper describing in detail the whole compilation process of producing FIGARO tables, in terms of data inputs and methodology.

The FIGARO tables are a tool for analysing the socio-economic and environmental effects of globalisation in the European Union (EU). Two important applications are given in this book. The first relates to EU air emissions embodied in EU exports to the rest of the world and the second quantifies the number of EU jobs embodied in extra-EU exports. The last chapters elaborate on the future plans of the FIGARO project, FIGARO Act I which are twofold: Firstly to produce regular FIGARO tables every year, as well as time series from 2010 to 2018 by the end of 2020 and second to contribute to the global inter-country input-output tables in collaboration with international organisations such as the OECD and the UN. [+]

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