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Asylum applicants and decisions on asylum applications in Q2 2009.
Data in focus. Population and social conditions 39/2009.

This quarterly publication gives an insight into recent developments in international protection including applicants for asylum and decisions on asylum applications. These data are supplied to Eurostat by the national Ministries of Interior and related official agencies. Most of the statistics presented in this Data in Focus are collected under the new regulatory framework of Regulation 862/2007 on statistics on migration and international protection.  [+]
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Land accounts for Europe 1990-2000. Towards integrated land and ecosystem accounting. EEA Report No 11/2006. Changes in land cover in Europe reflect modifications in the uses of land, which often compete for the same resource: development of artificial surfaces for housing, transport and economic activities; intensification or extensification of agriculture practices; conversion of natural land to agriculture or farmland abandonment; afforestation or deforestation. Accounting for land cover change in a consistent way at the European scale has been made possible because of the Corine land cover inventory by satellite images carried out in 1990 and 2000 (and planned to be repeated for 2006). Based on spatial information, the land accounts produced by the EEA provide assessments of the magnitude of the various types of change and, at the same time, of their distribution over the European territory.  [+]
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Informe sobre el funcionamiento de las disposiciones relativas al sellado de los documentos de viaje de los nacionales de terceros países de conformidad con el Reglamento 562/2006 por el que se establece un Código comunitario de normas para el cruce de personas por las fronteras (Código de fronteras Schengen)  [COM(2009) 489 final, 21.9.2009]
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