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Internal market still accounts for more than 50 % of EU foreign direct investments and trade in services. Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 56/2009. The document analyses intra EU transactions in trade in services and foreign direct investment for the period 2004-2008. In the light of the free movement of services and capital in the EU, the document will provide information on the importance of the internal market, recent developments and structure of trade in services and direct investment flows between the EU Member States. Comparison Intra EU shares of total exports of services and of investment flows for individual Member States will also be compared.  [+]
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Inversiones europeas en Asia 2007

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EU investment in Asia grew in 2007. Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 77/2009. Both EU-27 outflows and the stock of EU investment in Asia increased in 2007 compared with 2006: outflows grew by 80 % and total investment stock by 10 %. Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China were the main recipients of EU investment. Japan, Singapore, India and Indonesia were the foremost investors in the EU.  [+]
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Estadísticas Euromediterráneas 2009

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Euro-Mediterranean statistics. 2009 Edition.
This publication is produced by Eurostat with data transmitted by the National Statistical Offices (NSOs) of the EU's southern and eastern Mediterranean partner countries. It presents the data of the EU-27 Member States, EFTA countries and the data and metadata collected within the partner countries in the framework of the MEDSTAT II programme. Those data concern the following thematic priority areas: agriculture, demography, energy, economic activity, environment, external trade, labour market, money, prices, public finances, social statistics, tourism and transport.  [+]
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