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CoverEurostat regional yearbook 2019

Statistical information is an important tool for understanding and quantifying the impact of political decisions in a specific territory or region. The Eurostat regional yearbook 2019 gives a detailed picture relating to a broad range of statistical topics across the regions of the EU Member States, as well as the regions of the EFTA and candidate countries.

Each chapter presents statistical information in maps, tables, figures and infographics, accompanied by a descriptive analysis highlighting the main findings. Regional indicators are presented for the following 12 subjects: EU policies for regions and cities, population, health, education and training, the labour market, the economy, structural business statistics, research and innovation, the digital economy and society, tourism, transport, and agriculture. In addition, two special chapters are included in this edition: a focus on European cities and a focus on regional socioeconomic developments after the global financial and economic crisis. [+]

Sentencia del Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea. Asunto C-683/17 (Cofemel – Sociedade de Vestuário, S.A./G-Star Raw CV) de 12 de septiembre de 2019
Procedimiento prejudicial — Propiedad intelectual e industrial — Derechos de autor y derechos afines a los derechos de autor — Directiva 2001/29/CE — Artículo 2, letra a) — Concepto de “obra” — Protección de las obras mediante derechos de autor — Requisitos — Articulación con la protección de los dibujos y modelos — Directiva 98/71/CE — Reglamento (CE) n.º 6/2002 — Modelos de prendas de vestir
En el asunto C‑683/17, que tiene por objeto una petición de decisión prejudicial planteada, con arreglo al artículo 267 TFUE, por el Supremo Tribunal de Justiça (Tribunal Supremo, Portugal), mediante resolución de 21 de noviembre de 2017, recibida en el Tribunal de Justicia el 6 de diciembre de 2017, en el procedimiento entre Cofemel — Sociedade de Vestuário, S.A., y G-Star Raw CV (, 12.9.2019)

Sentencia del Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea. Asunto C-299/17 (VG Media Gesellschaft zur Verwertung der Urheber- und Leistungsschutzrechte von Medienunternehmen mbH/Google LLC) de 12 de septiembre de 2019
Procedimiento prejudicial — Política industrial — Aproximación de las legislaciones — Directiva 98/34/CE — Procedimiento de información en materia de las normas y reglamentaciones técnicas y de las reglas relativas a los servicios de la sociedad de la información — Artículo 1, punto 11 — Concepto de “reglamento técnico”
En el asunto C‑299/17, que tiene por objeto una petición de decisión prejudicial planteada, con arreglo al artículo 267 TFUE, por el Landgericht Berlin (Tribunal Regional de lo Civil y Penal de Berlín, Alemania), mediante resolución de 8 de mayo de 2017, recibida en el Tribunal de Justicia el 23 de mayo de 2017, en el procedimiento entre VG Media Gesellschaft zur Verwertung der Urheber-und Leistungsschutzrechte von Medienunternehmen mbH y Google LLC, sucesora de Google Inc. (, 12.9.2019)

Sentencia del Tribunal General de la Unión Europea. Asunto T-883/16 (Comisión/Polonia) de 10 de septiembre de 2019
Marché intérieur du gaz naturel – Directive 2009/73/CE – Décision de la Commission approuvant la modification des conditions d’exemption des règles de l’Union des modalités d’exploitation du gazoduc OPAL concernant l’accès des tiers et la réglementation tarifaire – Article 36, paragraphe 1, de la directive 2009/73 – Principe de solidarité énergétique
Dans l’affaire T‑883/16, République de Pologne, représentée par M. B. Majczyna, Mme K. Rudzińska et M. M. Kawnik, en qualité d’agents, partie requérante, soutenue par République de Lettonie, représentée par Mmes I. Kucina, G. Bambāne et V. Soņeca, en qualité d’agents, et par République de Lituanie, représentée initialement par MM. D. Kriaučiūnas, R. Dzikovič et Mme R. Krasuckaitė, puis par M. Dzikovič, en qualité d’agents, parties intervenantes, contre Commission européenne, représentée par Mmes O. Beynet et K. Herrmann, en qualité d’agents, partie défenderesse, soutenue par République fédérale d’Allemagne, représentée initialement par MM. T. Henze et R. Kanitz, puis par M. Kanitz, en qualité d’agents, partie intervenante (, 10.9.2019)

CoverDigital Education at School in Europe
Luxembourg: OPOCE, 2019. Eurydice Report

Do European education systems prepare our young generations for today’s technology rich environments? How do they do that? Eurydice’s report on digital education at school in Europe, published today, reveals that a number of areas need policy attention.

The report covers different areas of digital education, starting with an overview of school curricula and learning outcomes related to digital competence. The report also looks into the development of teacher-specific competences during initial teacher education and throughout their career, as well as the assessment of students' digital competences and the use of digital technologies for assessment. The report gives an insight into current national strategies and policies on digital education at school. It also reveals that although European education systems have included digital competence into school curricula and promoted pedagogical use of technologies more can be done. [+]

CoverQuality report on the balance of payment (BOP), international investment position (IIP), international trade in services (ITS) and foreign direct investment (FDI) — 2019 edition

The purpose of this paper is to present the overview quality report on balance of payments (BOP), international trade in services statistics (ITSS) and foreign direct investment (FDI) statistics for the year 2018, transmitted by the EU and EFTA Member States. The quality assessment has been carried out against the following quality criteria: relevance, accuracy, timeliness and punctuality, accessibility and clarity, comparability and coherence. It covers the data requirements under Regulation (EC) No 184/2005 and the methodology in the 6th edition of the IMF’s ‘Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual’ (BPM6). The quality report is updated annually. [+]

CoverEnergy balance sheets — 2017 data — 2019 edition

The current publication presents the simplified energy balance sheets for 2017 and time series of key elements of energy balances for the years 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Energy data are available for all Member States of the European Union as well as Iceland, Norway, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo (UNSCR 1244/99), Ukraine and Georgia. The energy balances have been constructed according to Eurostat’s methodology on the basis of the energy content of each source and form of energy. The energy balances are expressed in thousands of tonnes of oil equivalent (ktoe). [+]

CoverEurostatistics — Data for short-term economic analysis — 2019 edition — 8/2019

Eurostatistics — Data for short-term economic analysis — shows the evolution of the economic activity in the European Union, euro area and Member States. This monthly review gives a synthetic picture of the macroeconomic situation in the recent past. It is based on Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs), complemented by some business cycle indicators. [+]

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