Santiago IbáñezExpert on customs law and international taxation. University Professor in the Public Finance Law and Taxation Department of the University of Valencia. Adjunct Professor of the University of Canberra (Australia) and Faculty member of the Master of Customs Administration of the University of Münster (Germany). 

Has ample experience in teaching and training in an international environment (in 16 countries). Directs a postgraduate course specialized in customs law (now in its third edition) that has been selected as a Jean Monnet Module. Has authored more than fifty publications on customs topics –books, chapters of books and journal articles- including six articles in international journals in English and a total of seventeen international publications.

He is founding Member of the Academia Internacional de Derecho Aduanero and contact person in Spain of the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU, an organization with the support of the World Customs Organization). Fluent in English.

Profile and contact: Santiago Ibáñez


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