Martes, 20 Mayo 2014 14:26

Francesc La Roca

Paco La RocaProfessor of Applied Economics at the University of Valencia. Doctor in Economics (University of Valencia), he studied also at the University of Mainz and did a post doc stage at the Istituto Univeristario di Architettura di Venezia.

Devoted since the early 90s to research on socio-economic aspects of the environmental crisis, he has participated as research partner in 5 EU funded projects. Besides more than 30 years of teaching experience in statistics he is responsible for a Jean Monnet module on Environmental Policy in the EU (since 1997) and participates as a lecturer in the module on The Landscapes of the European Integration and the Environmental Policy. He is (co)author of more than 50 scientific publications.

Profile and contact: Francesc La Roca

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