Alberto ArrufatucvLaw Degree (University of Valencia (UV), 2000), Master in International Business Administration (CEU, 2001), PhD in Law (Universitat Jaume I, 2008) and Official Master in Management (UCH-CEU, 2014). Since 2011, he is full Teacher of International Law & European Law at the Catholic University of Valencia. He teaches in undergraduate and postdegree studies, focused on the European Law, public and private international law and related subjects (EU Law, development cooperation, and European protection of human rights foreign policy of subnational entities, ius in bello, and more). From 2018, he is associate teacher in the Catholic University of Lille teaching during autumn semester.  

Two Awards and one Honour Mention received for his PhD thesis. His main research has been focused on the relationship between International trade and Human rights. His last work is “La Ciudadanía Europea como labor permanente, Tirant Lo Blanch, 2019” (“The European citizenship as a permanent duty”).  Director of two doctoral thesis defended. From 2018 he is member of the General Committee of the Global Governance Debate in Yale University. His experience managing European projects (from 2004) gives to him the adequate knowledge of financial and executive procedures of the EU.

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