Centro de Excelencia Jean Monnet de la Universitat de València

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The European Commission granted in July 2013 the award, Center of Excellence “Jean Monnet” at University of Valencia. The project "EU Economic Governance: Institutional, Economic and Tax Implications" is supervised by F. Alfredo García Prats, Professor of Tax Law at University of Valencia and member Jean Monnet Chair "EU Law and Taxation" since 2011.

The team is completed by renowned professors and full professors from Spanish and foreign universities, who are focusing their researches on European Union Law aspects, integration policies, and on interaction mechanisms between EU Law and domestic and international Law.

The Center of Excellence is a product of the union of six Jean Monnet Chairs (five from the University of Valencia, one from University Externado (Colombia), moreover three members of the University of Valencia and one from University of Bergamo have owned "Modules Jean Monnet Teaching".

The final product is the integration of a multidisciplinary approach fulfilling with every major European integration aspects. It is encompassing on the one hand, an institutional perspective and a constitutional one, the dimension of the regulatory framework, and the importance of tax implications. On the other hand, the importance of economic and political balance in the process of rebuilding the financial crisis and its main mechanisms to solve it, without forgetting, social implication of the European governance.

European monetary funds program in the field of teaching and education, “Lifelong Learning” promotes and encourages learning opportunities throughout Europe. Encompassed within it, the Centre of Excellence "Jean Monnet ", is a clear representation of the University of Valencia as an academic institution specializing in studies on economic integration. It also promotes the scientific, human and documentary studies relating European integration resources.

Jean MonnetThe main aims of Center of Excellence "Jean Monnet" are to support the position and make the University of Valencia a center of experts and reference in EU law and Economic studies. With an extremely innovative character and adopting a multidisciplinary approach, strengthen and expand the offer of masters, postgraduate and undergraduate international studies on legal and economic aspects of the European Union.

In short, the Center of Excellence; (A) helps to stimulate the development of specific research on aspects of European governance, as a fundamental part considering the development of doctoral theses by graduate students, and (B) facilitate the development of professionals in this field. This strengthening will help to visualize the University of Valencia, in the medium- long term, as a reference center in the area of ​​Governance in the European Union.

Furthermore, all that will take place in cooperation with European Documentation Centre in relation to its relevance and contact with society, institutions and the general public. It is being one of the first and most active European documentation centers in Spain. Its functions will be crucial regarding the connection, stimulation and dissemination of results, and also promoting new opportunities for knowledge and development in the entire area.

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