Media, Communication and Information Technologies in the European Family
Sonia Livingstone & Ranjana Das
Existential Field 8: Working Report (April 2010)
Media, communication and information technologies in the European family examines the existential field of Family, Media, Family Education and Participation as part of the work programme of the Family Platform project. The Existential Field 8 (EF8) report is written at a time of substantial technological and social change, resulting in a simultaneously diverging and converging media environment, strongly shaped by processes of globalisation and the recent advent of widespread access to the internet and mobile technologies. Structured according to four central themes – the changing place of the media in the European home; digital interactive and mobile technologies; parenting, media, everyday and socialisation; and mediating relations between family and wider society – the review also includes five special focus pieces on diasporic media consumptions, mobile media, new technologies and intimate relationships, digital exclusion and girl culture. [+]

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