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Premio periodismo Lorenzo Natali 2019. Cooperación al desarrollo

Lunes, 18 Febrero 2019 09:58

The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize was launched in 1992 to recognise excellence in reporting on development issues, inequalities, human rights and poverty eradication. It was created by DG DEVCO, and named after Lorenzo Natali, a precursor of European development policy. Applications are open between 18 February and until 14 April 2019 23:59 CET.

The overarching theme of the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize is journalism for development. Entries to this year’s competition should relate to development cooperation issues such as, but not limited to, youth, gender equality, health, climate change, etc.

The Prize is open for journalists in the following three categories:

Grand Prize: open to journalists whose media headquarter is located in one of the more than 160 partner countries* with which the European Union engages on development and cooperation.
Europe Prize: open to journalists whose media headquarter is located in one of the countries of the European Union.
Best Emerging Journalist Prize: open to journalists under 30 whose media is headquartered  in any country where DG DEVCO and DG NEAR provide development assistance, as well as in the EU Member States.

The applicants will need to choose one of these categories when filling in the application form. Geographic eligibility is based on the headquarters’ location of the media outlet where the work was published. The media outlet must be headquartered in eligible countries. [+]


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