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Master in Economics of the University of Valencia 2017-2018

Jueves, 02 Marzo 2017 09:52

LogoThe University of Valencia is the outcome of more than five centuries of history that have led to the accumulation of knowledge and unique documentary treasures, making it one of the top Spanish universities. It has become one to the top five scientific centres in Spain thanks to the wide range of teaching and research activities offered in all areas of knowledge (basic sciences and engineering, health sciences, educational sciences, humanities and social sciences, economics and law) and its commitment to excellence.

The Master in Economics of the University of Valencia (Faculty of Economics) offers high quality training, combining advanced academic-oriented economics teaching with a focus on knowledge about market organization and international trade. The Master aims to provide students both with a broad and rigorous view of the discipline, and the analytical tools needed to carry out sound economic analysis. Successful course completion ensures students the endowment of the analytical and technical skills required for highly demanding jobs in international organizations (OECD, IMF, ILO, etc.), political institutions (Ministries, Central Banks, European Commission, etc.), financial institutions, large firms and research departments, consulting firms, and universities. This Master is also highly recommended for candidates pursuing postgraduate education in our Ph.D. Programme or other prestigious doctoral programs in Spain and abroad. [más]

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