Jornadas y Congresos de la Unión Europea
Lunes, 05 Noviembre 2012 09:09

Acciones Marie Curie de la Unión Europea

The Marie Curie Actions award European research grants, regardless of nationality or field of research. In addition to supporting fellowships, the programme enables researchers to gain international experience which benefits the individual as well as the European research community as a whole.
The Marie Curie Actions (MCA) connect the three sides of the knowledge triangle - research, education and innovation – and combine the excellent research and top-quality training that fosters innovation. They do this by making it easier for researchers to move internationally and across sectors as part of their training. This not only promotes high professional standards in research careers, but also equips researchers with the skills needed in the modern economy. (RAPID, MEMO/12/830, 5.11.2012)

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