Women employed in science and technology.
Statistics in focus. Science and technology 10/2008.
Increasing the human resources in science and technology is a key objective in order to meet the target set by the Lisbon summit in 2000 of making Europe the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world. One way of achieving this is by using the existing pool of highly trained women. [+]

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Empleo de licenciados

Employees with third level education but not working in an S&T occupation.
Statistics in focus. Science and technology 13/2008.
Human resources in science and technology (HRST) are people who have successfully completed tertiary education or are working in an S&T occupation. Of the HRST a large share are not working in an S&T occupation. This gives interesting insights into the balance between demand and supply on the EU labour market. [+]
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Impacto de la crisis sobre el empleo

The impact of the crisis on employment.
Statistics in focus. Population and social conditions 79/2009.
The economic crisis has hit the European labour markets, resulting in falling employment levels and rising unemployment in almost all Member States of the European Union. Underlying the general trends in the aggregate figures, a number of striking features characterising the employment situation have come to light during the recent crisis. How flexible are the labour markets across Europe in absorbing the crisis without firing people e.g. by lowering hours worked and making more use of part-time workers? Are workers on temporary contracts hit harder than those on permanent contracts? Are there differences in job losses by level of education of people? And how many people managed to find a job against the trend? Recent data (second quarter of 2009) from the European Labour Force Survey (LFS) helps to shed light on these issues. This publication is the second in a series analysing the effects of the current economic crisis on the labour market in Europe. [+]

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