Jueves, 27 Septiembre 2007 07:48

Empleo femenino en el sector turístico

Employment of women in the tourist accommodation sector.
Data in focus. Population and social conditions, Industry, trade and services 18/2007.
This short publication uses data from the Labour Force Survey to look at the gender distribution of employment in the tourist accommodation sector. [+]
Jueves, 26 Noviembre 2009 17:33

Empleo en Europa 2009

978-92-79-13372-5The Commission’s annual Employment in Europe report, the 21st in the series, comes against a backdrop this year of quite exceptional economic circumstances. Hot on the heels of last autumn’s global financial crisis, the worst economic downturn Europe has seen since World War II has brought several years of relatively high economic growth and job creation to an abrupt halt and thrown far too many businesses, households and workers into serious difficulties. [+]

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