Men and women participating in Labour Market Policies, 2004.
Statistics in focus. Population and social conditions 66/2007.

Labour Market Policy (LMP) interventions are used to activate and support the unemployed and other disadvantaged groups in the labour market. The primary target group for these interventions is the population of registered unemployed but across Europe policy is increasingly focusing on the activation of people who are not economically active as well as the unemployed. [+]
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Informe final calidad de la fuerza de trabajo

Calidad fuerza de trabajoTask force on the quality of the Labour Force Survey - Final report.
The Task Force on the quality of the Labour Force Survey (LFS) reviewed the LFS along the dimensions of the quality framework for statistical output of the European Statistical System (ESS), with the goal to detect weaknesses and recommend improvements. It delivered forty-three recommendations on sampling design and sampling errors, weighting schemes, non-response, interviewers and fieldwork organization, survey modes and questionnaire, information for users, coherence, comparability of employment and unemployment statistics, relevance of the ILO concept of employment and unemployment, timeliness and punctuality which pave the way for the future enhancement of the EU-LFS as well as the national Labour Force Surveys. [+]

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Informe mercado laboral 2006

European Union Labour Force Survey. Annual results 2006.
Data in focus. Population and social conditions 10/2007.
This publication presents the main annual results of the EU Labour Force Survey for the EU-27, for all Member States, EFTA and Candidate Countries. Indicators presented in this publication are: employment rates, part-time employment as share of total employment, average usual hours worked for full-time and part-time job, share of employees with temporary contracts, employed people by economic aticity and by occupation, youth unemployment ratio. [+]
Regional distribution of human resources in science and technology.
Statistics in focus. Science and technology 107/2007.
From graduation to employment: More growth and jobs for all regions and cities of the EU is one of the main focuses of the new regional policy between 2007 and 2013. However, pools of highly skilled persons are not equally distributed across regions, concentration in capital regions is clearly apparent and there are differences in and between countries. [+]
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