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26th Intensive Seminar on the EU: A seminar tailored to your needs | Brujas, 1-19 July 2019. Cursos de verano Colegio de Europa

Jueves, 16 Mayo 2019 16:20

The Intensive Seminar on the European Union is a three-, two- or one-week training programme providing professionals with in-depth knowledge and practical skills on EU decision-making and policies. Participants can choose between three different programmes, depending on their prior level and experience on EU affairs:

  • For participants who seek to gain a thorough understanding or to refresh their knowledge on the EU, we propose a comprehensive programme covering the institutional framework and the EU's main internal and external policies: see the Classic three-week programme; (1-19 July 2019)
  • Participants that already possess a good knowledge of the EU institutional framework are invited to join the Advanced two-week programme allowing them to benefit from a full analysis of both the internal and external policies of the EU; (8-19 July 2019)
  • Participants who are well familiarised with both the institutional framework and the EU's policies are invited to join the Compact one-week programme on the European Commission priorities, which offers a practical review of the main legislative initiatives of the Juncker’s European Commission whilst looking ahead to the next term. (8-12 July 2019)

The three programmes focus on the latest developments of the EU and are practice-oriented; the seminar aims to improve participants’ professional skills and performance when working on EU affairs. [+]

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