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57th ETCR Seminar: EU Transport & Railway Affairs | Brujas, 1-12 July 2019. Cursos de verano Colegio de Europa

Jueves, 16 Mayo 2019 16:29

This annual seminar for two weeks about the EU Transport Policy and Railway Affairs presents the latest developments within the railway sector at a European level. Participants get the unique opportunity to work for two weeks in an international environment, to set up a network among colleagues from all European and Non-European countries. They will be able to think about the changes within their own sector, as well on both national and international levels. They get the opportunity to confront the changes they are working out at home with the solutions others have given to the same problems in the various European countries.
For the fourth time, the European Training Centre for Railways (ETCR), the College of Europe and the European Union Agency for Railways are jointly organizing the 57th edition of the ETCR Seminar on EU Transport and Railway Affairs. [+]

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