CoverKey Figures on Europe — 2016 edition

Key figures on Europe presents a selection of topical data. Most data cover the European Union and its Member States, while some indicators are provided for other countries, such as members of EFTA, enlargement countries to the European Union. This publication may be viewed as an introduction to European statistics and provides a starting point for those who wish to explore the wide range of data that is freely on Eurostat’s website. [+]

EU trends in statistics on police-recorded crime and the criminal justice system, 2008 - 2013
Statistics in focus. Crime and criminal justice statistics 3/2015

The statistics presented in this Statistics in Focus summarise general trends in specific categories of recorded crime. The article also looks at trends in the numbers of personnel involved in the different stages of the criminal justice system and the size of the prison population. [+]

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Europa en Cifras. Anuario Eurostat 2014

Europe in figures - Eurostat yearbook 2014

Europe in figures – Eurostat yearbook  presents a comprehensive selection of statistical data on Europe. With around 480 statistical tables, figures and maps, the yearbook is a definitive collection of statistical information on the European Union. The yearbook treats the following areas: economy and finance; population; health; education; labour market; living conditions and social protection; industry, trade and services; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; international trade; transport; environment; energy; and science and technology. The yearbook may be viewed as a key reference for those wishing to know more about European statistics, providing guidance to the vast range of data freely available from the Eurostat website. Europe in figures – Eurostat yearbook is an online-only Eurostat publication; it is updated on a rolling basis when the main data sets are refreshed. [+]

Trends in crime and criminal justice, 2010
Statistics in focus. Population and Social Conditions 8/2013
Decreases in recorded crime except for domestic burglary.
The latest collection of data indicates a general tendency towards a decrease in the levels of recorded crime across European Union Member States between 2007 and 2010. The number of most types of crimes recorded by the police in the European Union has fallen. While crimes linked to drug trafficking, robbery and violent crimes decreased between 3 and 6% between 2007 and 2010, the number of motor vehicle thefts has fallen substantially faster over the same period (-23%). In contrast, domestic burglary is a category with a rising trend in the European Union. Compared to 2007, 7% more cases of domestic burglary were reported in 2010. The following publication gives an insight into the trends in the various categories of recorded crime and furthermore looks at police officer numbers and imprisonment rates. [+]


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