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Viernes, 21 Agosto 2009 12:01

Salud y seguridad en el trabajo 2007

8.6% of workers in the EU experienced work-related health problems. Statistics in focus. Population and social conditions 63/2009. Results from the Labour Force Survey 2007 ad hoc module on accidents at work and work-related health problems. The promotion of health and safety at work, and the promotion of more and better jobs are important goals in the European Union. To achieve these goals, assessment and monitoring is necessary. This issue presents an overview of the first results of the European Union Labour Force Survey (LFS) 2007 ad hoc module on accidents at work, work-related health problems and exposure to risk factors. Almost 7 million workers had an accident at work and around 20 million persons experienced a work related health problem in the 12 months preceding the interview. The statistical data refer to the workers aged 15 - 64 years in the EU-27.  [+]
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