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Medio Ambiente para los Europeos #45. Diciembre 2011
Comisión Europea. Dirección General de Medio Ambiente

Medio Ambiente para los Europeos es una publicación trimestral de la Dirección General de Medio Ambiente de la Comisión Europea. Se encuentra disponible en alemán, español, francés, griego, inglés, italiano y polaco. Suscripción gratuita. Para suscribirse, puede utilizar el formulario que se encuentra en el interior de esta revista, o bien su versión online en: [+]

CoverFigures for the future - 20 years of sustainable development in Europe? A guide for citizens. 2012 Edition
‘Figures for the future’ is a guide to the EU sustainable development indicators (SDIs) and the trends they show. It communicates statistical figures as seen through the eyes of fictional 17-year-old student Anne. Anne aims to find answers to many questions that relate to our everyday life and our future. She has the task of informing fellow students from around the world about whether Europe has moved towards sustainable development over the past 20 years. She turns to the EU SDIs provided by Eurostat, trying to give sense and meaning to a multitude of data. She illustrates statistics by linking the topics to an important day in her life. Students from around the world add their points of view to the European perspective. This publication is released to mark the 20th anniversary of the original Earth Summit. [+]

CoverSustainable development in the European Union: 2011 monitoring report of the EU sustainable development strategy 2011 Edition
The EU sustainable development strategy, launched by the European Council in Gothenburg in 2001 and renewed in June 2006, aims for the continuous improvement of quality of life for current and future generations. The Eurostat monitoring report, to be published every two years, underpins the European Commission's progress report on the implementation of the strategy. It provides an objective, statistical picture of progress, based on the EU set of sustainable development indicators. Quantitative rules applied consistently across indicators, and visualised through weather symbols, provide a relative assessment of whether Europe is moving in the right direction, and with sufficient haste, given the objectives and targets defined in the strategy. The data presented cover the period from 1990 to 2010 (or the latest year available). The statistics covered illustrate the range of issues relevant for sustainable development, and should contribute to raising awareness of the opportunities and challenges lying ahead. [+]

CoverIs the EU on a Sustainable Development Path?
Statistics in focus. General and regional statistics 58/2011

Highlights of the 2011 Monitoring Report of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy
Eurostat is entrusted to monitor the progress in the EU using the objectives and targets of the Sustainable Development Strategy. Some 200 Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs) serve this end at the Eurostat website. Out of them 111 are analysed and evaluated in the forthcoming 2011 edition of the Monitoring Report of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. Sustainable development is a multidimensional concept which is in the Monitoring Report structured according to the 10 themes of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. In the present short publication overall summary is presented for each of the 10 themes of the EU SDS. In addition more descriptive analysis in provided for all the 11 headline indicators. [+]

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