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Rail transport accidents in the European Union in 2004-2005.
Statistics in focus. Transport 34/2007.

The aim of this publication is to analyse the rail accident data of years 2004 and 2005, received under the Regulation 91/2003. Analyses will focus on the types of accidents and categories of victims. Some indicators are calculated by comparing the number of victims with traffic and passenger transport performances in different Member States. [+]

Tax revenue in the EU.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 31/2007.
This SIF presents data on taxes and social contributions collected in the European Union, as provided to Eurostat in the ESA95 transmission table 9 ('Detailed Tax and Social Contribution Receipts by Type of Tax and Social Contribution and Receiving Sub-Sector'). It briefly analyses the level and structure of tax and social contributions in the EU in 2005 and the trends in the period 1995-2005. [+]

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EU International Trade in Services in 2005.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 29/2007.

The document analyses the EU trade services in 2005 in terms of its main partners and items. It covers the periode 1999-2005. The main data sources are Eurostat and IMF. The document is aimed to all interested in trade in services. In addition to data it gives some explanations of trends observed. It is related to Eurostat news release 168/2006 of 21/12/2006. [+]

Science, technology and innovation in Europe 2007 edition.
This publication presents statistical data and indicators based on a number of data sources available at Eurostat (mainly related to science, technology, innovation and regions). It provides the reader with statistical information to appreciate the evolution and composition of science and technology (S&T) in Europe and its position with regard to its partners. The pocketbook is divided into eight chapters among which: Key R&D input and output indicators (R&D expenditure, R&D personnel and Government budget appropriations or outlays on R&D (GBAORD)); Patents; High Technology; human resources in S&T (HRST); statistics on Innovation. Another chapter gives some background data on population, employment and gross domestic product (GDP). [+]

Pharmaceutical products - comparative price levels in 33 European countries in 2005.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance, 45/2007.

This Statistics in Focus presents price level indices for pharmaceutical products for 33 European countries in 2005. Price levels vary between more than 80% above the EU average for Switzerland and more than 60% below the EU average in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. [+]

Living conditions in Europe - Statistical pocketbook - Data 2002-2005.
This pocketbook provides a comprehensive picture of the current living conditions in the twenty-five Member States, the two Acceding States and three Candidate States of the European Union as well as in the four EFTA States. Different areas of the social field are described by a selection of indicators which are presented in tables and graphs and accompanied by a short commentary. Data are drawn from sources available in Eurostat, such as the European Union Labour Force Survey. [+]

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Agricultural Statistics - Data 1995-2005.
This publication provides a statistical overview of important developments in agriculture based on data available at Eurostat. The chapters include information on the economic situation, crop and animal production, farm structure, and rural development. Most data are presented for the 25 Member States of the European Union. [+]

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