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La Unión Europea ante los desafíos globales

Jueves, 17 Junio 2010 11:13

Facing the future: time for the EU to meet global challenges
Mark Boden, Cristiano Cagnin, Vicente Carabias, Karel Haegeman, Totti Könnölä
EUR 24364 EN — Joint Research Centre — Institute for Prospective Technological Studies.
Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2010
ISBN 978-92-79-15786-8

What will the world look like in 2025? What are the possible future disruptive global challenges? And how can the EU position itself to take an active role in shaping a response to them? This publication offers possible answers to these questions through the identification of three main challenges and potential responses to these, and concludes that the main policy issues to be considered at EU level are: policy alignment towards sustainability; social diversity and the use of ICT for citizen empowerment; and the need to embed capabilities for anticipating future challenges to enable these to become new opportunities. The methodology applied combines widely accepted quantified trends by 2025 and beyond with the opinions of experts and policy makers on the likely consequences of these trends and wild cards. A multicriteria quantitative analysis (Robust Portfolio Modelling) was used as a novel element to prioritise issues as a basis for discussion with selected experts and policy makers. This work has been undertaken in close cooperation with the Bureau of European Policy Advisors of the European Commission. [+]

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