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CoverBasic figures on the EU — First quarter 2018

The quarterly series 'Basic figures on the EU' presents the freshest Eurostat data on a small number of key indicators in the economic and social fields. Each issue is released during the second month of each quarter. The same content is available in a compact printed leaflet. [+]

CoverDigital economy and society in the EU — a browse through our online world in figures

Digital publication

Browsing, chatting, online shopping are among our everyday activities that use information and communication technologies (ICT), such as computers, laptops or smartphones. Nowadays, we spend a considerable part of our time online for various reasons, whether at work, at school or university, at home or on the move. Likewise, businesses operate within a digital environment: more and more they conduct business electronically with their partners and interact online with customers.

Statistics can help to better understand the challenges our digital society is facing. This is the aim of the new digital publication 'Digital economy & society in the EU'. By presenting easily understandable statistics on several ICT-related topics through texts, graphs, dynamic data visualisations and an animation, this new digital publication aims to provide answers in a user-friendly way to the most common questions asked by EU citizens on the digital economy and society. [+]

CoverMigrant integration statistics (re-edition)

‘Migrant integration statistics’ presents different aspects of the European Union (EU) statistics on the integration of migrants. The successful integration of migrants into society in the host country is key to maximising the opportunities of legal migration and making the most of the contributions that immigration can make to EU development. In this publication, migrant integration is measured in terms of employment, education, social inclusion and active citizenship in the host country. The analysis is based on 2015 statistics from the Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS), statistics on income and living conditions (EU-SILC) and Eurostat’s migration statistics.

In addition, this publication provides an analysis on the labour market situation of migrants and their immediate descendants based on the outcomes of the 2014 ad-hoc module of EU-LFS. Data are presented for the European Union and its Member States as well as for the EFTA countries. [+]

Sentencia del Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea. Asunto C-191/16 (Romano Pisciotti / Bundesrepublik Deutschland) de 10 de abril de 2018
Procedimiento prejudicial — Ciudadanía de la Unión — Artículos 18 TFUE y 21 TFUE — Extradición a los Estados Unidos de América del nacional de un Estado miembro que ha ejercido su derecho a la libre circulación — Acuerdo de Extradición entre la Unión Europea y dicho Estado tercero — Ámbito de aplicación del Derecho de la Unión — Prohibición de extradición aplicada únicamente a los nacionales — Restricción a la libre circulación — Justificación basada en la prevención de la impunidad — Proporcionalidad — Información al Estado miembro de origen del ciudadano de la Unión
En el asunto C‑191/16, que tiene por objeto una petición de decisión prejudicial planteada, con arreglo al artículo 267 TFUE, por el Landgericht Berlin (Tribunal Regional Civil y Penal de Berlín, Alemania), mediante resolución de 18 de marzo de 2016, recibida en el Tribunal de Justicia el 5 de abril de 2016, en el procedimiento entre Romano Pisciotti, y Bundesrepulik Deutschland  (, 10.4.2018)

Sentencia del Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea. Asunto C-320/16 (Uber France SAS) de 10 de abril de 2018
Procedimiento prejudicial — Servicios en el ámbito de los transportes — Directiva 2006/123/CE — Servicios en el mercado interior — Directiva 98/34/CE — Servicios de la sociedad de la información — Regla relativa a los servicios de la sociedad de la información — Concepto — Servicio de intermediación que permite, mediante una aplicación para teléfonos inteligentes, conectar a cambio de una remuneración a conductores no profesionales que utilizan su propio vehículo con personas que desean efectuar desplazamientos urbanos — Sanciones penales
En el asunto C‑320/16, que tiene por objeto una petición de decisión prejudicial planteada, con arreglo al artículo 267 TFUE, por el tribunal de grande instance de Lille (Tribunal de Primera Instancia de Lille, Francia), mediante resolución de 17 de marzo de 2016, recibida en el Tribunal de Justicia el 6 de junio de 2016, en el proceso penal contra Uber France SAS, con intervención de Nabil Bensalem (, 10.4.2018)

CoverThe role of public policies in developing entrepreneurial and innovation potential of the cultural and creative sectors
Report of THE OMC (Open Method of Coordination) working group of Member States’ experts - Study
Luxembourg, OPOCE, 2018

The innovative power of the cultural and creative sectors is essential for the further development of European economies and societies, because it: - generates well-being and cohesion; - shapes the public space used by millions of Europeans; - modernises industries and business sectors with new creative input and methods; - provides meaning and a feeling of belonging; - upgrades urban and rural areas; - designs our products and services; - produces and digitises content; - enriches our visual experiences; - provides content for debates. [+]

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