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Manual estadísticas filiales extranjeras

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Foreign AffiliaTes Statistics (FATS) - Recommendations Manual The Regulation (EC) No 716/2007 of the European Parliament and the Council (EC) on the structure and activity of foreign affiliates as the regulatory framework for the provision of foreign affiliates statistics (FATS) was adopted in 2007. The Regulation aims to make sure that in future harmonised inward and outward FATS data will be available. The recommendations manual, as called for in article 7 of the regulation, will play a crucial role in the compilation process. To make sure that the manual is not only in line with the rules in the FATS Regulation but also meets the needs and realities national compilers face in practice, it has been thoroughly discussed in various meetings of the FATS joint working group. This EUROSTAT FATS recommendations manual 2nd edition provides the definitions and guidelines for national compilers which are the indispensable precondition for obtaining FATS which can be added together to produce meaningful EU-wide aggregates. This 2nd edition is derived from the first one published in July 2007 and replaces it. Main changes concerns the technical format and procedures for transmission of the results, the implementation of NACE Rev. 2 and the quality reports.  [+]

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PIB per cápita regional 2006

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Narrowing spread in regional Gross Domestic Product. Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 75/2009. Regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per inhabitant (in purchasing power standards) in 2006 differed widely across the 275 regions of the EU, Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. In Inner London (United Kingdom) it was 336% of the EU-27 average, while in Nord-Est (Romania) it was only 25% of the EU-27 average. However, many of the less prosperous regions have caught up significantly during the first half of this decade.  [+]

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Cross-Country impact assessment of EU Cohesion Policy.
The Directorate-General for Regional Policy has published the second edition of "Working Papers" (a series of short papers on regional research and indicators). This latest paper compares and assesses the economic impact of the policy in the 15 countries which are the biggest recipients of Cohesion funding. The purpose of the European Cohesion Policy is to reduce disparities among EU regions by co-financing growth-enhancing investments and creating conditions for stimulating growth, particularly in the less developed regions and Member States. The impact assessment was carried out based on the so-called 'HERMIN' macro-economic model and uses financial data from both the budgetary periods 2000-2006 and 2007-2013.

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Estadísticas agricultura 2007-2008

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Agricultural statistics: Main results 2007–08 The pocketbook Agricultural Statistics presents selected tables and graphs providing an overview on developments and the situation in the agricultural sector of the European Union. The most recent data are presented here (reference years 2007 and 2008, mostly) showing the situation in the 27 Member States and at the European level (EU-27).  [+]

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