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Rail transport accidents decreasing in 2007. Statistics in focus . Transport 52/2009. In 2007, there were 2 566 persons killed or seriously injured in railway accidents in the EU-27, which is comparable to the 2006 value and represents an estimated 19.7% decrease compared to 2005. Less than 18% of the victims (fatalities and seriously injured) were either train passengers or railway enterprise employees. In 2007, a total of 3 855 significant train accidents were reported at EU-27 level. The category “Accidents caused by rolling stock in motion” accounted for 37.5% of all significant accidents, followed by “Accidents involving level crossing”, with a share of 33.2%. Compared to 2006, the total number of reported accidents in 2007 decreased by 20.7% in the EU-27.  [+]
Europeans keep going on holidays in times of economic slowdown but tend to spend less. Data in focus. Industry, trade and services. Population and social conditions 24/2009. This edition of the annual Data in Focus presents the 2007-2008 evolution of tourism in Europe, as well as some results for the first months of 2009. The publication focuses on the evolution of the number of nights spent in hotels and similar establishments, but also looks at the evolutions from another point of view, namely the holiday trips and expenditure made by EU residents and air passenger transport.  [+]
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