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CoverGlobalisation patterns in EU trade and investment

Globalisation patterns in EU trade and investment highlights some aspects of economic globalisation in focusing on developments related to international trade and investment for the European Union (EU) and its 28 Member States from a business perspective, analysing exchanges between traders and patterns of behaviour within and between enterprises. It presents a broad range of statistics on the balance of payments, international trade and business in a globalised world. The first part is devoted to the role played by the European Union in global trade and investment as compared to its main trade partners. In part two, the publication focuses on the international trade in goods and services, foreign direct investment, and the structure and conduct of foreign affiliates within the EU. [+]

CoverAgricultural statistics — Eurostat guide to European agricultural statistics

Eurostat supplies a wealth of high-quality, harmonised and comparable agricultural statistics for policy-making and the evaluation of existing initiatives. This brochure is a guide to the wide range of statistics that Eurostat makes available for the specific needs of the Common Agricultural Policy, as well as for policies on the environment, on food and health and on the climate. Key types of data are highlighted with a link to their policy relevance. Dissemination products are outlined and links to rich, additional analyses on the Eurostat website are given. [+]

CoverNational requirements for the Intrastat system

This document is primarily aimed at the Providers of Statistical Information (PSIs) within the Intrastat system; it informs on how and what to report, in accordance with the respective national requirements. At the same time it may be of interest to anyone who wants to understand how the Intrastat data collection works, both at national level and between the National Statistical Authorities and Eurostat. [+]

CoverLUCAS — The EU’s land use and land cover survey

This leaflet presents an overview of the Land Use and Coverage Area frame Survey (LUCAS) carried out by EUROSTAT every 3 years. The aim is to identify changes in land use and cover in the European Union. The leaflet contains information on the data available, as well as explanations about the Survey and links to other useful information. [+]

CoverBasic figures on the EU — Fourth quarter 2017

The quarterly series 'Basic figures on the EU' presents the freshest Eurostat data on a small number of key indicators in the economic and social fields. Each issue is released during the second month of each quarter. The same content is available in a compact printed leaflet. [+]

CoverCompendium of methodological clarifications — ESSPROS, European system of integrated social protection statistics — 2017 edition

The European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS) aims to collect comparable statistical data by enforcing a common methodology. Given the different national social protection systems and their continuous adaptation to emerging needs, inevitably there are cases of interventions for which the methodology does not provide clear guidance on whether or not they should be included in ESSPROS and how they should be reported. This document provides a compendium of the analysis performed in order to give methodological clarifications, including cases where changes to the ESSPROS methodology were proposed and adopted by the Working Group on Social Protection Statistics. [+]


Sentencia del Tribunal General  de la Unión Europea. Asuntos T-712/15 and T-52/16 (Crédit mutuel Arkéa v ECB) de 13 de diciembre de 2017
Politique économique et monétaire – Surveillance prudentielle des établissements de crédit – Article 4, paragraphe 3, du règlement (UE) n° 1024/2013 – Surveillance prudentielle sur une base consolidée – Groupe soumis à une surveillance prudentielle – Établissements affiliés de manière permanente à un organisme central – Article 2, paragraphe 21, sous c), du règlement (UE) n° 468/2014 – Article 10 du règlement (UE) n° 575/2013 – Exigences de fonds propres – Article 16, paragraphe 1, sous c), et paragraphe 2, sous a), du règlement n° 1024/2013
Dans l’affaire T‑712/15, Crédit mutuel Arkéa, établi au Relecq Kerhuon (France), représenté par Mes H. Savoie et P. Mele, avocats, partie requérante, contre Banque centrale européenne (BCE), représentée par MM. K. Lackhoff, R. Bax et Mme C. Olivier, en qualité d’agents, assistés de Mes D. Martin, M. Pittie et M. Françon, avocats, partie défenderesse, soutenue par Commission européenne, représentée par MM. V. Di Bucci et K.–P. Wojcik, en qualité d’agents, partie intervenante (, 13.12.2017)

Tribunal de Cuentas Europeo. Informe Especial 21/2017. La ecologización: un régimen de ayuda a la renta [agrícola] más complejo que todavía no es eficaz desde el punto de vista medioambiental (DOUE C 429/09, 14.12.2017)

La agricultura, en particular si es intensiva, incide negativamente en el medio ambiente y en el clima. La ecologización, pago directo que recompensa a los agricultores por ejercer prácticas agrícolas beneficiosas para la calidad del suelo, la captura de carbono y la biodiversidad, fue introducida en 2015 como medio para mejorar los resultados medioambientales y climáticos de la Política Agrícola Común de la UE. El Tribunal constató que no es probable que la ecologización, tal como se aplica actualmente, alcance este objetivo, debido principalmente al escaso nivel de los requisitos, que reflejan en gran medida las prácticas agrícolas normales. El Tribunal estima que la ecologización solo ha supuesto un cambio en las prácticas agrícolas en alrededor del 5 % de todas las tierras cultivables de la UE, y formula una serie de recomendaciones sobre cómo concebir unos instrumentos medioambientales más eficaces para la Política Agrícola Común después de 2020.

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