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Capacity Building in Impact Evaluation: Counterfactual and Theory Based Approaches | Barcelona, 22-23 November 2018

Martes, 24 Julio 2018 07:11

LogoYour organisation needs to provide solid evidence based evaluations to your government in its decision making work, and/or to your donors or to the European Commission for the EU Funds support. But does your organisation have qualified experts who are willing and able to properly manage evaluation activities? How can you ensure high-quality evaluations?

Will evaluation results really provide the evidence required for decision-making, and help to improve policies and programmes in your country? Are your evaluations complying with the requirements of the European Commission? This course will answer all the above questions, and specifically, will enhance your ability to design, manage and monitor the evaluations conducted by your organisation, irrespective of whether they are supported by EU funds. [+]

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